De Groene Loper: an example of healthy conditions for every stakeholder



De Groene Loper: an example of healthy conditions for every stakeholder

As a regional Ballast Nedam company, Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling services the Limburg province. We were founded almost 170 years ago, and our customers see us as their local partner, a company that operates independently within Ballast Nedam. ‘The logo on our chest remains important, because it communicates the value of our family business. We are proud of our history and our strong parent company’, says Raymond Veugelers, Director Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling.

Construction company

Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling operates in many sectors, ranging from industrial to utility and residential construction. We realise small (from 20,000 euro) and large projects (up to 25 million euro) with approximately 130 employees. Half of them work on site, while the other half have technical and administrative jobs. Several of them advise private buyers and guide them during the construction process.

Healthy conditions

The organisation is characterised by short lines of communication, personal relationships and close collaboration: ‘For example, we do not have departments, because we view and treat every individual as a specialist. That also means we do not have department heads, because we feel everybody should collaborate, also between different areas of expertise.’ The business plan is aimed at creating ‘healthy conditions’, for employees, customers, subcontractors, our shareholder and the environment. This way of working results in healthy relationships.

Involved from the start

Exactly this way of working is the reason Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling was awarded the residential construction project de Groene Loper in close collaboration with urban developer Ballast Nedam Development. We have been involved with the project from the start in 2007, with people and resources. ‘This allowed us to take on smaller matters, such as demolishing and rebuilding a church wall and building the service buildings for the tunnel (housing the installation management equipment).’

Ballast Nedam Development is part of the Avenue2 consortium and – in collaboration with Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling – responsible for the realisation of 1,145 residences. De Groene Loper is a perfect example of using intensive urban development to establish a cleaner and healthier environment for living, working and leisure.

Veugelers explains why Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling is a true partner for every stakeholder in the construction team: ‘Our existing involvement with the region allows us to take on this role. We are in constant contact with investors, authorities and consumers and share the story of de Groene Loper. We share the feedback from the stakeholders with Ballast Nedam Development to enhance the development even further. That collaboration is what makes this a true Ballast Nedam project!’

Continuous collaboration

The collaboration with our parent company is smooth. At Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling we are intrinsically motivated and committed to the project. We also share interests – we can only achieve success together. We speak the same language and complement each other, from the board to the building site.

‘We strive for healthy living conditions, during construction and after completion, because we want to add to a permanently healthy working and living environment.’

De Groene Loper: sustainability and connections

We are currently constructing the 1,145 residences in the completely new district, which has sustainability and quality at its core. De Groene Loper also represents connection; between the city and her green surroundings as well as the two areas that used to be separated by the A2 highway.

‘Together, we increase the quality of life in the district. People want to live there, there is no vacancy and the natural elements make for an attractive area’, explains Veugelers. Both new construction and reallocation are part of the development. The ‘Gemeenteflat’ (municipal flat) could remain. It is the first high-rise in Maastricht and recently became a national monument. ‘We collaborated with our client to upgrade the building from energy label G to A, a formidable result!’

Taking surroundings and environment to heart

Respect for the environment is essential for Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling. That means increasing sustainability as well as quality of life. An example is the connection of a residence with the neighbourhood. We design lines of sight, entry of sunlight, and fewer cars and more greenery on the streets.

Attention for sustainability is an integral part the construction process. Using prefab concrete systems reduces the number of transports, as floor elements and walls are completely fabricated before they arrive at the building site. ‘This also enables faster and more efficient construction, increasing sustainability and meeting the demands of our time. Sustainable solutions are incorporated across the project. We install solar panels on our site sheds, put bat boxes in the outer walls of residences and take children into their new living area to sow plants and flowers.

The Laudy three


We can realise large-scale, complex area developments, achieving high urban quality and liveability.


We are a local Limburg organisation that is a pleasure to work with.


We want to start partnerships in Limburg to set and achieve ambitious goals.


Raymond Veugelers Director Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling

In May 2018, I took on the role of Director at Laudy Bouw & Ontwikkeling. I am convinced healthy living and working are essential for the quality of living and the future of Limburg. The Laudy team is working on that with conviction and enthusiasm.