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Working abroad means working together

Ballast Nedam International is one of our most flexible business units. Everything is organised around projects. When a project abroad is finished, the professionals literally move to another unit within the Ballast Nedam organisation. When we start a project, we take in people with the right expertise. "Our work is based in the Netherlands, and it is very market-driven. For us, there are no borders for our slogan ‘breaking new ground together", explains Roy van Eijsden, Director of Ballast Nedam International. We currently work from the headquarters with a core team, while 300 to 400 people are working at construction sites, including local experts.

"We can bring our expertise to take on complex construction projects abroad, such as harbours, airports and infrastructure. Examples are the recently delivered port terminal for a cruise company on Saint Lucia and the water treatment plant we are building in Sri Lanka."

‘We are a technically advanced company and make conscious decisions about the projects we take on. We want to create something we will be proud of.’ ROY VAN EIJSDEN DIRECTOR BALLAST NEDAM INTERNATIONAL

Curaçao Medical Centre: combining knowledge and skills overseas

We recently completed the project Curaçao Medical Centre in the Caribbean. Van Eijsden states: "It illustrates our capacity to deliver manpower and knowledge overseas, during the design and construction stages of the project. It showcased our knowledge and skills in project management and construction. A great cooperation with our colleagues from Rönesans resulted in a successful completion in late 2019."

The values and distinguishing characteristics of Ballast Nedam International are visible in the Curaçao Medical Centre project. Van Eijsden points out three crucial elements for success:

1. Familiarity with local circumstances

Our track record in the Caribbean goes way back. We know the culture, the suppliers and the network. Because we know the ins and outs of working in the region, we were able to start the logistical process in the Netherlands and finish it on Curaçao. It also allowed us to organise the production and purchasing of 40,000 m³ of concrete locally.

2. Employing local professionals

Working abroad means working together. You need each other to achieve the optimal result. We see the energy level of our professionals rise when we work together with other cultures. That special mindset is not universal across people and companies. Together with local workers and partners, we realise a hospital at an extremely high quality level. Knowledge transfer was crucial in this process, which will be put to use in future projects by Curaçao.

3. Flexibility due to a strong organisation

We are part of a large and strong organisation, allowing us to quickly adapt. This is one of the critical abilities to operate successfully in an international environment. In the case of the Curaçao Medical Centre, this allowed us to take on an expansion of the project. We realised an underground parking garage in a short time. Within the Rönesans Group we can use our ‘own’ professionals – there are 75,000 in total. To have such a large organisation with such short communication lines is truly extraordinary.

Logistics and mentality

Van Eijsden states that there are two prerequisites for projects abroad: good logistics and the ‘getting-it-done’ mentality. "Logistics are crucial, even more than in the Netherlands. How do you get the team and materials to the location and how do we arrange the financing? Besides that, we have a solution-driven, ‘we-can-do-it’ mentality. For us, it does not matter whether we are working in Africa, Asia or America. We are a technically advanced company that loves to operate in a challenging environment, but only if we can add value and take pride in the results."

Design and construction Curaçao Medical Centre

Ballast Nedam International was responsible for the design and construction of the new Curaçao Medical Centre, a symbol of the progress the island has made. The hospital was originally planned outside the city, but the client chose the district Otrobanda right before the start of construction. Because this is an urban area – with limited space – we also built an underground parking garage there.


Roy van Eijsden Director Ballast Nedam International

I joined Ballast Nedam as Director International at the end of 2019, and took responsibility for the international expansion of Ballast Nedam, deploying our more than 140 years of knowledge and experience. Our energetic, international team is working hard on growing our portfolio.