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Clear focus and specialised expertise are of great value

Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries sets itself apart with its interesting and distinguishing values. We are highly knowledgeable, and high safety standards have become integrated as part of our daily work. Our solution-oriented approach is visible in everything we do.

Developing a discipline

Ballast Nedam put a heavier focus on industrial construction in 2013, mainly aimed at the Rotterdam harbour district. Marco de Vries, Chief Commercial Officer and a Ballast Nedam employee since 1996, was heavily involved in this development. "We attracted people with industrial construction expertise from both inside and outside Ballast Nedam. That allowed us to build a discipline, a domain, within Ballast Nedam. We command every facet of this unique type of work: from maintenance improvement and renovation to new development. We are experts in civil and architectural construction, above and underground infrastructure technology, mechanical work and electrical installations. Our group has grown to 150 professionals that share that typical Rotterdam mentality: work hard and do what is required."

‘Safely working is our norm. It is our core value.’ MARCO DE VRIES CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER

Hard & soft skills

Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries works only for the chemical-, oil- and gas sector, enabling a clear focus and specific expertise. We incorporate the knowledge and skills of our sister companies to make sure we can keep responsibility in-house as much as possible. That gives us an advantage in the areas of safety, quality and flexibility. Communication lines are short and we operate according to the lean principles. The result? A capable organisation that attracts clients with its unique way of working. De Vries explains the specific approach:

1. Efficient, open and clear

A deal is a deal and deadlines are deadlines. We deliver a plan that is both realistic and efficient. Personal contact is an integral part of the process. Many think an e-mail is faster that a meeting, but we prefer to speak to our partner directly. 'Stop mailing, start talking' is our mantra to prevent misinterpretation of digital communication.

2. Collaboration: staying in control with effective (internal) organisations

We have a good collaboration with for example Ballast Nedam Special Earthworks, the boys in the big cranes. It also really helps that they are a part of Ballast Nedam. We use 'our own' people and material. An absolute strength. We minimise subcontracting to make sure our organisation stays effective and flexible.

3. Experience: increasing expertise and safety is the default

We had industrial construction experience before, but since the acquisition by Rönesans in 2015, we deliberately exchange skills and knowledge with Renaissance Heavy Industries. They deliver complete projects in many countries, letting us learn through their experience. The collaboration speeds up the development towards the new role we want to take: being an all-in-one supplier for civil, piping and electrical & instrumentation. Our approach is systematic – without acquisitions, but through organic growth. We take in the people, expertise and materials, develop ourselves and expand. Our safety policies are an integral part of the Ballast Nedam 'experience’. Safety is part of the Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries DNA. It takes priority over everything else. We stop working at the smallest doubt. Our clients share this vision and are just as interested in what is happening at 'their' project.

Delivering results at an incredible pace

Marco de Vries leads a project team that aims to be 'invisible': "We have to work as fast as possible, so others can start their work as soon as possible. We perform the preparations, so the actual installation can be constructed. I am proud of our incredible team that embraces this assignment and develops itself during the work. Our employees are our most valuable asset.”

Trend: Passionate craftsmen at the gate

At our projects a striking trend becomes visible: "Our people gain experience by the day and are open to learning new things. We see there are more young people that want to grow with us. That insight and our strategy have led to our first labour market campaign. Growing our number of true professionals will help Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries develop further into a multidisciplinary company in industrial construction!"

As of 1 January 2020, Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries acquired Ballast Nedam International Product Management B.V. and its subsidiaries. We are therefore expanding our activities with the construction, renovation and maintenance of petrol stations in the Benelux. This means that we are operating in the world of downstream and retail for our clients. In the future, we see plenty of opportunities in the world of renewable fuels, such as hydrogen and LNG. It is our goal to become the preferred partner of our clients that operate in this Benelux market of the production, storage and sale of these fuels.


Marco de Vries Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries Chief Commercial Officer

I have worked for Ballast Nedam since 1996 in several roles and departments. I have spent most of that time in the south of the country in the industrial sector. Since 2013, I work at Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries as Chief Commercial Officer. Teamwork is essential: success is a collaborative effort and should be celebrated together. That’s what we have done within Ballast Nedam Heavy Industries in recent years. The coming years will be dominated by drastic changes to our industry. We are ready for them and will offer our customers comprehensive support.