About Ballast Nedam


About Ballast Nedam

Ballast Nedam is a construction and development company. Projects are our core business. Through a direct and open dialogue with our customers and partners, we develop future-proof buildings and infrastructure: from dream to realisation. Ballast Nedam operates on the basis of four divisions: Construction, Development, Heavy Industries and Concessions. We are part of the Rönesans Group.


We build trust. Trust is the foundation of our relationship with stakeholders. This way, we can support our clients in realising development-, building-, infrastructure- and heavy industrial goals. Trust we earn by our people and our way of working in our projects. We offer expert solutions on a local level while operating in a global environment. We take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit that enables us to do better and stand out in our industry.


Our aim is to be the preferred partner to our stakeholders based on our ability to offer suitable solutions. We remain dedicated to continuing to build and protect trust. We aspire to be well known for our ability to deliver sustainable complex landmarks. Always working closely with local communities, with respect for the environment and carried out by our ambitious people. We want to be a desirable company to work with and to work for. We invite you to join our building journey and to create the future together.


Company values

Our company culture is a combination of local, national and international influences. What characterises us at Ballast Nedam are our core company values. They define what values we live by within and outside our company, in contact and cooperation with our stakeholders.


We are fully aware that safety is our ‘licence to operate’. We must be able to guarantee safety, it is the only way we can realise groundbreaking projects. This is why we are always fully aware of the risks that can be posed by our work.


When it comes to quality we don’t compromise. Our quality is reflected in our people, processes and materials. They are the ingredients that make up the quality we stand for in our signature projects.


We can only be successful by working in teams. These teams include clients, partners, subcontractors, suppliers and colleagues. In this way, we jointly seek and achieve the best solution. We respect each other and act accordingly.

Passion for the profession

We are true professionals. We love our profession and we love a challenge. That unites us, and gives us the energy to push boundaries. It’s the driving force for continuous improvement and innovation. As a result, we understand the complex challenges and interests of our clients and partners. It gives us the ability to offer innovative and sustainable solutions.


We are open, reliable and honest in our relationships with clients, colleagues, subcontractors, suppliers and partners. We work together, accept responsibilities and are consistent. We build trust.

Down to earth

We are always realistic. No matter how spectacular the project may be. That is what we are: hardworking and straightforward. It gives us the strength to deliver projects on schedule within budget.


The five pillars of ambition.

Focus on people

We want our employees to be safe, challenged, committed and happy. To our current and potential employees, we aspire to be the employer of choice. We offer healthy working conditions and challenging jobs with the possibility to grow on a professional and personal level.

Strong client and partner relationships

With our partners and clients, we want to create strong and long-term relationships based on trust. To accomplish that, we want them to be satisfied with our quality of work, our way of working and our reliability.

Financially healthy

We want to run a healthy company with healthy growth numbers. That means having a solid order book, growth in revenue and controlled costs. We do that by improving our operational excellence, by selective and strategic tendering and by focusing on (recruiting) qualified people with technological expertise. Using the highest standards of innovation, technology and digitalisation supports this ambition. This enables us to be competitive.

International growth

While expanding our order book predominantly in the Netherlands, we aim to expand our business further internationally in the future. This is part of our company DNA. The potential for international growth is substantial and we are empowered by the knowledge and experience of Rönesans Group.

Safety, sustainability and social responsibility

We aim to perform our work as sustainably and considerately as possible for society and our environment. We incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in our business strategy and apply our corporate social responsibility standards.

Client focus model

At Ballast Nedam, every action we take is aimed at building trust. We make sure we deliver the required & desired project results. We deliver high- quality constructions, in-time, with controlled risk and at a fair price. We do that as responsible and sustainable as possible. These are the project deliverables that our clients can count on. Besides that, our distinguishing qualities are our process deliverables: the way we work together with our clients. We focus on the human need for comfort and convenience in this process: we offer transparency, open communication lines, providing support and service where needed. Clients can rely on us and know us a solution-driven partner. Our entrepreneurial spirit guides us.